Balconies are classified in to 3 styles Faux, False & True. Faux styles are used to decorate a window and are for ornamentation. A False Balcony has a deck projection of approximately 4" to 6" and are mainly designed and installed to block off an open doorway. True Balconies are designed and installed to be walked on and comprised of a deck and the railing.

At Artistic Railings, Inc. our extensive knowledge of designing and installing high quality custom True Balconies weather for your personal home, summer getaway, hotel or your residential complex are a cornerstone to our companies heritage of high quality craftsmanship.

TB-01 True Balcony (TM)
Country style aluminum balcony
This Cast Aluminum French Style True Balcony extends 15-1/2" out and is approximately 80" wide. The 4 support braces are hand forged. The unit is finished with a Mineral Bronze powder coating. (TB01)
This Country Home Style True Balcony extends approximately 36" out and is approximately 9'-6" wide. The 4 support braces are through bolted to the home. The unit is finished with a Flat Black Texture powder coating. (TB02)
TB-03 aluminum balcony
TB-04 Aluminum balconies
This French Estate Style True Balcony with self supporting deck projects out approximately 12" and is approximately 80" wide. The complete unit is fabricated in aluminum. (TB03)
These True Balconies were designed and fabricated for an R2 residential condominium complex. The decks are 13-1/4" in projection, 76" wide and 6" high. The guard height is exceeds the 42" minimum. (TB04)
Sea Wave style aluminum balcony
South Western Aluminum Balcony
Anodized Aluminum True Balcony. This balcony was fabricated from the deck up. The balcony railing is a sea wave vertical pattern to imitate ocean kelp in the water. (TB05)
This Formal South Western True Balcony spans 30' in width & projects 18" from the forward column faces of the home. This unit is forged from architectural aluminum & powder coated. (TB06)
Classic true balcony
TB-08 Balcony
This is a Classic True Balcony with support deck. Designed for in swinging French doors and sliding doors with a total exterior width of 72", the deck projection is 15-1/2" with a width of approximately 80". The railing shown is 42" high from the walking surface of the deck. The deck and railing come as one unit and are welded together, brackets are separate.
This True Balcony was fabricated with a European Style Belly Guard. The matching "S" scroll pattern drape adds an elegant flow to the upper portion of the guard. The united is attached to the wall of the home and supported by 2 post set a top of the roof. (TB08)
False balcony
Balcony designs
his is a False Balcony with a 6" deck projection. The unit was designed with crossing pattern castings and circle drape. (FB01)
Faux balcony
True Balcony 6" deck
This Faux Balcony is fabricated from aluminum material, designed with large belly balusters & a drape with matching run "S" scrolls. It was then finished in a faux pewter color. (FXB01)
This True Balcony is designed with our 6" self supporting deck. The guard is approximately 45" high and designed with 3" post and top and bottom circle drape. (TB09)
Faux balcony 2
group picture of True Balconies
This Faux Balcony is fabricated from aluminum material, designed with side mounting post and simple collaring. The unit is powder coated a Mineral Bronze color (FXB02)

True Balconies
Bracket 1
bracket 2
Support Brackets
Support Brackets
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