Balcony Railings are classified as Guards in the building code. The railings are designed to be normally mounted on top of the pre-existing walking surfaces though side mounting is sometimes done for architectural aesthetics.

At Artistic Railings, Inc. our extensive knowledge of designing and installing high quality custom balcony railings weather for your personal home, summer getaway, hotel or your residential complex are a cornerstone to our companies heritage of high quality craftsmanship.

Double belly style railing
Forged Grand balcony railing
This Double Belly style Faux railing is fabricated in solid aluminum, finished with a gloss black powder coat and installed on the top of a front door portico. (BL-01)
The above Guard is fabricated from architectural aluminum and curved to match the existing radius of the exterior edge of the existing balcony deck. The center of the top molding is raised to highlight the circular window centered behind the railing. (BL-02)
Edge mounted belly railing
New Orleans French style railing
This european style belly railing is fabricated with bottom hook scrolls on the end of the balusters and side mounted to give a more full balcony feel to the installation. (BL-03)
The above Guard is fabricated from cast aluminum and designed for New Orleans French Quarter style look. The guards have a mixture of victorian post combined with with cast aluminum scrolls and floral patterns
Simple french door railing
This balcony railing was sent in to the side walls of a small person balcony opening. The in swinging doors allow for the shallow depth of the balcony. (BL-05)
The hand forged aluminum scrolls adorn the drape and balusters of the balcony railing. The railings is finished with a weathered bronze powder coat which produces the deep copper green patina color. (BL-06)
Belly wrap railing
This is balcony railing was designed with medallion style balusters circles. The top drape of side flowing "S" scrolls breaks up the tall height of the railing.
This european style belly railing is fabricated with bottom hook scrolls on the end of the balusters and side mounted to give a more full balcony feel to the installation. (BL-08)
Front entryway balcony
design picture
This hand forged balcony railing was fabricated for the top of the personal balcony set above the main entrance of this home. (BL-09)
Simpler veranda railing
The designer of this project request a simple early 1950's style iron railing with simple heart scrolls for the rear veranda (BL-11)
Custom Guard with Forged Aluminum Medallion Panel. This guard was designed and fabricated to showcase a center panel surrounded by side panels with lesser ornamentation (BL-12)
Belly railing with scroll drape
This corner juliet style belly Guard with open drape and double projection balusters was designed by the projects architect to accent the 2 corners of the homes garage. (BL-13)
Classic Belly style Guard with center-out forged "S" scrolls in the drape. Belly Balusters are corner formed for full wrapping and short mount legs for attaching to the existing deck. Railing fabricated from architectural aluminum.(BL-14)
Forged balcony railing
  Bronze balcony railing
This hand forged Guard is finished with a gloss black paint, highlighted with painted gold ends and gold leaf painted top molding. (BL-15)
Bronze Horizontal Guard. This guard is fabricated from C38500 bronze with an antique brown/black finish. The railings top bar is a 3" diameter tubing with 5/8" bars floated underneath. (BL-16)
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