Bronze Handrails & Bronze Railings:

Since the inception of Artistic Railings more than 58 years ago it has been our goal to provide quality craftsmanship in the fabrication of all our railings. This is evident by the requests we receive to work on historical landmark buildings such as 1111 Constitution Avenue N. W. Washington DC, Radio City Music Hall 1260 6th Avenue New York City and the Bronx Community College Main Campus Bronx New York. Please enjoy our website and we look forward to working with you on your project.

Bronze Handrails - Historical Building
These bronze handrails were fabricated for ADA compliance on a newly installed entrance ramp.
GSA Project: Washington, DC
Bronze Handrails - Historical Buildings
Bronx Community College, Bronx New York
Gould Memorial Library, Language Hall &
Philosophy Hall Bronze handrails
Bronze Exterior balcony railing

Bronze Handrails - Landmark Project
One of four solid bronze entry handrails
traditionally fabricated for the entrance of the
Hudson County Court House
Jersey City, New Jersey

Bronze Horizontal Balcony Railing
This railing is fabricated from C38500 bronze
with a antique brown/black finish. The railings
top bar is 3" diameter tubing with
5/8" bars floated underneath.
Radio City Music Hall Balconies
Bronze spiral staircase

Bronze & Stainless Guards
Historical Landmark Project
Radio City Music Hall - New York City
Main Entry Rotunda Balconies
Mixture of Bronze and Stainless Steel


Bronze Spiral Staircase
Modern Style Bronze spiral staircase
This architectural bronze spiral staircase
was fabricated for a private residence.

Bronze Interior Railing


Residential Bronze Railing
Hand Crafted Residential Bronze Railing
This interior railing is fabricated from solid
bronze material with a Satin #4 Finish.


Residential Bronze Handrail
This residential handrail is fabricated from
solid bronze material and finished
with a hand rubbed brown black patina.

Bronze Handrail for Grand Staircase
Bronze handrail wall mounted

Bronze Handrails
Grand Stairway Bronze Handrails
St .Teresa of Avila Parish, Summit NJ
Bronze Frames Fabricated with Lighting


Bronze Handrail Wall Mounted
Forged Bronze Handrail Bracket
with hidden hardware mounting to stone
masonry with cast bronze cover plate.

Residential Bronze Railing
This project was fabricated with C38500 bronze with Artistic Railings brown/black patina finish.
The railing is assembled together mechanically.
Residential Bronze Railing
This Bronze Railing is a sister section of BR-07 pictured to the left and is also fabricated from C38500 bronze with Artistic Railings brown/black patina finish. BR-08
Bronze Pipe Handrail
This bronze pipe style handrail was fabricated for the main entrance of a New York City high rise. The handrail was fabricated with in floor sockets so that the handrail could be removed when bring large items in and out of the building.

Bronze Handrail - Landmark Building
This bronze baluster and step style handrail was fabricated to match the existing metalwork.
The handrail was added to provide an additional
handrail for each side of the exit stairs.
Park East Synagogue - NYC


Residential Bronze Handrails
These two handrails are fabricated with steel
frames and bronze handrail molding.
The bronze was satin polished


Bronze Cable Railings
The bronze cable railings shown are fabricated from solid C38500 material with custom fabricated bronze cable fittings and bronze cable.

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