Entrance Doors & Gates are the center piece of any building or home. Weather for personal enjoyment or making that first impression for perspective clients. Our Doors & Gates provide you with design elegance and complete functionality.

Bronze Door
Bronze door sketch

This circular twin entry door was designed by our staff after consulting with the client. During the design process the client was adamant about having twin doors rather than one door with two side lights. What made this even more difficult was that the homes exterior walls were on a 50ft radius. The client also requested that the door meet the local building codes energy requirements with weather proofing, insulation and low "E" glass.

The doors and frame are fabricated from C38500 bronze. The grill work is hand forged from solid C38500 bar stock along with the door handles, interior trim plates and hinges. The door was antiqued to a brown black color.

Steel gate sketch
Steel gate
These next 2 pictures show the clients architectural concept drawing and the finished gate installed at the client’s property. This gate was requested to protect the mahogany wood doors behind it from vandals. The gates were fabricated with 3 inch square solid steel posts and the gate frames were forged from 1-1/2” by 3” solid steel bars. The vertical pickets were forged from ¾ inch round bars.
Steel fence
Cast Iron Gate
Hand Forged Wall Fence. There are six sections of fence which surround the client’s driveway and parking area at the front of their home.
This old world cast iron gate is place between existing hedges which separate the client’s driveway from the water gardens.
Steel door sketch
steel door
steel door handles

These twin entry doors were designed from architectural sketches of the old entry that was originally fabricated in the early 20th century.

An owner’s association contracted to restore the lobby of this upper west side Manhattan apartment building to its former glory.

steel gate
This gate was installed to protect the outside seating area of a restaurant
This gate protects the entry to a client’s personal wine cellar in a New Jersey home.

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