Our staff of craftsmen bring old world design and feel back to life in each of our projects. Working from the basics of traditional blacksmithing to using today's modern machines our staff creates modern works of art to a level of quality our clients expect for their use and enjoyment.


Forged railing
Entry staircase railing
This interior railing sits over looking the music room below from the 2nd floor main hallway. The hand forged steel elements were combined with the bronze elements to form a musical instrument in the end sections of the railing. #(IR-01)
This railing is fabricated from solid stainless steel 3/4" square balusters with a 3/8" x 3/4" weaving flat bar pattern capped off with a Mahogany wood top molding and blind mounted to the flooring. The metal was polished to a satin number 4 finish with a fine wax coat. #(IR-02)
Interior staircase
Curved Staircase
This client was looking for a stark contrast between the flow of a modern pattern and European bronze elements. The railing was painted a flat black which then allowed the bronze ends and top molding to add that extra accent. #(IR-03)
The railing shown in the above 2 pictures is fabricated from forged steel balusters with a cast iron drape and capped off with a Mahogany wood top molding. The metal was polished with a wire wheel to bring up a rough shine in the metal before adding a final clear coat.#(IR-04)

Modern Railing
Steel interior railing

Above left: This modern style pipe railing was formed on a compound curve and the lower solid round bars were used for the infill and followed directly under the top molding. Image Number #(IR-05A)

Above right: This hand forged Ocean Wave style railing was painted flat black, the aluminum top molding and center pattern balls were polished to a mirror finish. Image Number #(IR-05B)

This picture was taken during the installation of this traditional style forged element railing with mission style balusters centered in the base frames. The railing was finished with a stainless steel base coat and then had a black wash patina faux finish applied prior to a satin top coat.
Image Number #(IR-06)
bronze baluster railing
Leaf curl railing

This baluster and step style railing was fabricated with Nickel-Silver balusters polished to a number 4 satin finish. The wood top molding was done in mahogany with a red tinted stain and then clear coated.
Image Number #(IR-07)

This picture was taken upon completion of the installation of the railing without the wood top molding. The forged steel scrolls in this railing were fabricated with machine pressed leaves. The railing was sandblasted, faux painted and then clear coated. The center leaves at the base span the existing floor electrical outlets that posed mounting conflicts.
Image Number # (IR-08)
western railing
modern railing
This client enjoys the great outdoors and wanted to have a railing that brings him outdoors while still in the warmth of the home. The wood was done by a carpenter and we fabricated the balusters to look like field grass growing in the distance. #(IR-09)
This steel pipe railing was fabricated to elicit a modern feel. The wire spokes were added for infill to give a Midwest industrial look and feel. The railing was then finished with an antique copper powder coat.
basket railing
This railing was installed in the third floor library which opened to the living room below. These are hand formed domestic steel balusters fabricated to a finished height of approximately 42 inches high. The railing was sandblasted, painted black with a faux highlights and finished with a clear coat prior to the bronze top molding being added and given a satin finish. #(IR-11)
This picture was taken upon completion of the installation of the railing. The stairs and walls had not been finished. The forged steel scrolls in this railing were fabricated with machine pressed leaves. The railing was sandblasted and then clear coated. The bronze top molding was satin finished and waxed. #(IR-13)
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