Ornamental residential railings are the cornerstone of a fine home. Every ornamental railing design is different and the same design changes its style when different metals are used. For this reason, here at Artistic Railings we take great pride in designing one-of-a-kind railings for our clients. We provide drawings and samples for your approval on large projects and custom designs.

Balcony railing
Cast aluminum railing
This porch railing was set between the twin existing columns and the home's stone work. The railing was curved in a half circle to provide a simple balconette feel while not taking too much attention from the main stair railings. The powder coat, flat black finish adds an old world feel to the aluminum material. OR-01
These aluminum railings were fabricated from solid aluminum bar stock for the frames and posts while the ornamental infill was cast in molds. The aluminum railings were powder coated in a textured, flat black which provides an old world iron feel. OR-02
Forged baluster railing
Aluminum railing with cast infill panels
These railing balusters were hand forged from aluminum bar stock. The top scroll marching pattern of balusters incorporated with the twist on each baluster provides an additional detail for these short sections of railings. The larger square colonial posts provide for a heavy feel to the railing's termination. OR-03
This colonial style railing was fabricated in aluminum material. The open drape forms an open feel to the railing while the cast aluminum arched infill panels provide the ornamental design and lengthens the front entry landing. OR-04
Cast aluminum balusters with modern round top molding
Forged handrail infill with pipe top molding
These cast aluminum railings were powder coated in weathered, brown finish. The round top and bottom molding terminated by square posts provide for an art deco feel with a Victorian baluster infill. OR-05
This European style railing was forged into a long garden handrail. The round top molding was added to give the forged metal work a more art deco feel. OR-06
Old world railing with CP-152 posts
Curved stair railing
This railing is fabricated in aluminum. The top molding is Artistic's TM-04, posts are cast model CP-152, the scrolls in the open drape and the center circle panel are hand forged. The center panel is flanked by alternating double knuckle collars. The railing is powder coated in a Coffee Roast Color. OR-07
These aluminum railings were fabricated with a mix of twisted balusters with knuckle collars, machine forged infill and drape scrolls. The railings were curved outward which provides a more welcome feeling. The railings are powder coated in a slightly textured flat black color. OR-08
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